The Goodbye Time by Celeste Conway

Picked up at ALA as a prepub, this is coming out in December 08, so I won’t say too much about it. What I will say is that I picked this one up because of it’s lovely chick-lit-y grown up cover, but was very surprised that the main characters in the story are 11 years old. Although a party dress does feature into the story I thought the cover are was decidely meant to be like older teens and adult books, which I didn’t really care for. On its own I thought the story was great and I enjoyed reading something that was about girls this age. I can safely say that it is about the friendship between two girls, one of whom is struggling with her older brother’s imminent departure for college, the other of whom is struggling with her severely mentally disabled brother’s departure to a hospital. It was a nice story with a lot of appeal. Very real emotions and very age appropriate. I see she has written something else, so I will look for that.


One thought on “The Goodbye Time by Celeste Conway

  1. It does look like an adult book, but it sounds very interesting. Definitely something to look out for I suppose when it’s released.
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