At the ALA Annual Conference

Here I am at the ALA annual conference in Anaheim, California. I’ve already been here since Wednesday night and will be here a few more days. As always this conference attracts thousands of librarians and authors and is a wonderful and overwhelming event. It’s been some time since I’ve really been able to enjoy all the author meetings and workshops since I’ve been so involved in governance the past few years. That said, so far I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Cecil Castellucci, Amy Goldman Koss, and Orson Scott Card, winner of the 2008 Margaret A. Edwards award. It was great talking to Cecil as I had recently picked up a Minx sampler and read a little preview of Janes in Love, which is coming out this fall. Koss is the author of The Girls, a book I used to frequently booktalk to the 6th graders. It’s a great completely believable story about inexplicably mean and bitchy 12 year olds. It’s so realistic it hurts. Unbelievably I did not bring a copy of Ender’s Game to have Mr. Card autograph, which I’m kicking myself for. If you haven’t already read Ender’s Game, then run right out and get yourself a copy and do so.

To find out more about what’s going on at the conference, check out the YALSA Blog for frequent updates. I’m hoping to pick up a few new books tomorrow to read (I’m already midway through Koss’s new book, Poison Ivy)


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