The Dream Maker’s Magic by Sharon Shinn

I’ve always wondered what people on airplanes were doing with their laptops. After all, you’re not hooked up to the Internet-is everyone just typing word documents? Maybe, because that’s what I’m doing right now. And I have to say, it’s awesome. I’m in my own little bubble with my mp3 player, listening to the opening song off of The DecemberistsCrane Wife, which is an amazing album. By the way, this is a return flight and on my outgoing flight I was able to write the previous 6 posts. And I just got served a Coke. And there’s no one in the middle seat. Best. Flight. Ever. (Not really-2 hour delay, can’t wait to see the kids, but right now I’m really enjoying this moment. And it’s also due in part to being filled with the warm glow of just having finished Sharon Shinn’s The Dream Maker’s Magic. Shinn is like Shannon Hale-she creates wonderful magic fairy tale-ish worlds with stories filled with sadness, hope, and happy endings. This book is apparently two years old and I can’t believe I never knew it had come out. This is set in the same realm as The Truth Teller’s Tale and the Safe-Keeper’s Secret. The Dream Maker, Safe-Keeper, and Truth Teller in this world are all very special people. Actually there can be many truth tellers and safe keepers, but only one dream maker. (I think their names pretty much explain what they do.)

Kellen is a girl, but her mother insists she should have been a boy and thus makes Kellen dress as a boy and refers to him as her son. As such she is a bit of an outcast until, at age 11, she makes friends with Gryffin, a lame boy who lives with a cruel uncle. And so begins their amazing story. I really don’t want to give away any other plot points than that because it is well worth getting swept up in this lovely fairy tale of loves found, destinies realized, and fortunes made.

The first book I read by Sharon Shinn was Summers at Castle Auburn, which I adored. If you haven’t tried a Shinn novel, go do so!


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