The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

What a happy birthday celebration I had a couple weeks ago! And while my lovely friends gave me marvelous gifts, at the end of the evening I was most excited to get into bed and start reading this pre-pub Mary Lynn gave me with my gifts. She knew how much I’d loved Garden Spells and this is the next book out by this author. (Like the joke books, it also contributed to me not reading the book club book-must be a better club participant this month!) Like Garden Spells, this book has magical qualities about it, and a nice story. I was enchanted by it. I kept looking for links to the first book-a reference to a character perhaps, or the location?—but I believe there were none. It’s just another town where people seem to have various “gifts”. As this was a prepub and the book is not out yet (May 2008), I really don’t want to give away much, but I will say that the style and storytelling were just as nice in the first book and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to more books by her!


2 thoughts on “The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

  1. Hey, hey, hey. I’ve just finished Sugar Queen and HAD to come read your thoughts and share mine. I LOVED it!! I’ll admit, it started slower then Garden Spells but I was reading as fast as I could by the end. I do think the magical element was very different in this book; it seemed more natural, if that makes any sense. Ok, so books appearing out of no where isn’t exactly natural.
    The characters and relationships…..they were wonderful. They just filled my heart and drew me in. I so want a Della Lee in my closet to help guide me on those lost days. Wonder where I can find one?
    One question though, does “pre-pub” mean they still have editing left to do?! I found so many type-o’s and dropped words. I felt like I should get a red pen. I hope they fix that before it hits the stores.
    I see Sarah Addison Allen is working on a third book that is scheduled for publication in 2009. It’s already on my list to watch for and read ASAP.

  2. it is a great book a have to read i mean i could barley put it down especially the part where chole is drinkin the nettle tea because she was so upset over jake i mean she judt could not get over him

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