McSweeney’s Humor Books (Mountain Man Dance Moves, The McSweeney’s Joke Book of Book Jokes, Created in Darkness by Troubled Americans)

There is nothing I find harder to describe to someone than humor. I always end up lamely saying, “it’s just really funny. Really. Ummm..well I can’t quite remember some of the bits, but trust me, it’s funny.” And everyone knows you can’t persuade someone to see, read, or listen to something you can only describe in that way. (For evidence, see my previous post on Simon Rich’s Ant Farm. It’s a really funny book. Trust me.) So I will just say that Paul got these three books and both of us immediately started filling every spare moment with reading them all. And that is why I also didn’t read this month’s book club selection, Corelli’s Mandolin. Who wants to read a big long thick intense drama when I could be reading the McSweeney’s humorous lists in Mountain Man Dance Moves?? Isn’t it more fun to read the list of Types of Clocks in Order of Hardest to Easiest to Read (1. Analog 2. Digital) Or imaginary song titles by a band with the name Mailer Daemon? Yes, yes it is. There were lists in the other two books, but they also included longer humorous pieces. I liked the Supreme Court deciding important decisions with basketball games as well as a Goofus and Gallant thing. One of the best, for both me and Paul, was a thing on submission guidelines for pieces to be displayed on a refrigerator. No more robot monkeys!! We cracked up over this one. And apparently Paul went to school with the guy who wrote it, so that’s cool too. So although I probably didn’t convey how truly funny these are to you, I implore you to go read them! And while you’re at it, tune in to That Mitchell and Webb Look on BBC America on Friday nights. Trust me, it’s funny.


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