Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts

I love romances and yet I have not read many Nora Roberts, even though she’s written, oh, a million. This one was recommended to me by a friend who thought I might like the magical element to it. It is the first in a trilogy about three women who live on an island (Three Sisters) and are descendents of three witches who created the island. This first novel introduces us to the three women as one of them arrives at the island unaware of her heritage. She has found her way to the island after escaping a cruel abusive husband by faking her own death. It’s all very Sleeping with the Enemy. So much so that I’d be surprised someone didn’t sue someone else over the story except I suppose that the fake-your-own-death-to-start-a-new-life plot really isn’t exclusive to anyone. As I read it I imagined in my mind the movie and Martha’s Vineyard (I used to live there, so reading about an island off the coast of New England, not far from Boston, well it seemed quite modeled on it.) I loved how Nell arrived at the island and found her way to starting a new life there, making friends and connections, and especially baking and catering (magic! Island! Catering! Romance! Nora Roberts clearly has my number-if only there were a boarding school on the island for the magically inclined.) Nell and the local Sherriff are immediately attracted to each other, but the trauma she has suffered makes it hard for her to get close to him and open. But of course she does and it’s all quite marvelous and lovey dovey because this is a romance. However, as Nell grows into her witchy skills even she can tell (portend?) that an evil will be coming to the island, and she fears for her life.

This was a nice juicy paperback and I’ll for sure move on to the next two when I have a gap in my reading.


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