Prey by Lurlene McDaniel

Lurlene has carved quite a genre niche for herself-death and dying fiction.  If you’re not already familiar with her she writes YA novels about teens who have all sorts of long term or terminal illnesses and they are all very sad, and yet inspirational.  If you’re a teenage girl who likes Lurlene McDaniel you love all her books and read them eagerly.  I was surprised when Vicky told me I had to read this new one since I really don’t read her things.  However, this new one is a departure from her genre.  This is the story of a high school boy who has a sexual relationship with his history teacher.  It was a pretty uncomfortable book to read because, well, ick.  She is thirtysomething  and he is 15.  This was a super fast read and I really liked how it was told from several points of view.  I found the ending great. I won’t really say it was a twist, but there was definitely something that made me ponder and think and I’d love to talk about it here, but don’t really want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t yet read it.  So, think you know Lurlene McDaniel? Try this new one and think again!


10 thoughts on “Prey by Lurlene McDaniel

  1. This one is an absolutely WONDERFUL book, I loved it so much.
    I LOVED how it was told from several points of view, Lurlene McDaniel absolutely wowed me. From the moment I started having this book in my hands, I could not put it down. Absolutely fantastic.
    Touching, sexy, exciting, sad and everything I like. Now my favourite book. I recommand it with all my heart.

  2. I Am only 13 and reading is one of the most boring things to me and I havent read a real book for the past 2 years realy the only books i have read are anime.This book was recamended to me by my bestie braaat braaat princess is what i call her but anyways she told me that she had only read a couple pages and that the main piont of the book so far was that this 15 year old boy named Ryan was falling for his SUPER HOT history teach and I thaught hey I think I might like this book so I made her lend me the book and after reading the first chapter I could litteraly not put the book down. I was so into the book that I finished it in record time(3hr. 20min. my brother timed me.)I have read this book over and over and over again and it’s still interesting she should seriously consider making another book called Prey 2. I showed this book off to all my friends(Who also HATE reading) and a couple of them would not give it back. Now they’re all going out to by this book.I LOVE THIS BOOK.^.^you should go and by this book right NOW.

  3. i read this book a couple months ago. i thought it was okay. but it kind of disgusted me reading some of that. but i guess things like this do happen, but i definitely didnt like reading about it. it grossed me out to where i didnt want to read it anymore. but i finished it just because it was for a book report and the i liked the ending. i like all lurlene mcdaniels books i read so far. except this one was not one of my favorites

  4. this book is AMAZING!!!!!!! it was recamended to me from one of my friends who owned it, and i like reading so i tried it. by the way im only 12, so you can imagine wat was running through my mind after i read it. it was a lot of fun reading it, and i hope they make a sequal. I also recamend this book to whoever likes lurene mcdaniel books, because it is completly differnt from her original ones for one thing nobody dies!!!! i keep on reading this book over and over again cauz i LOVE the story!!!! one last thing EVERYBODY SHOULD BUY AND READ THIS BOOK!!!!! BYE!

  5. i read this book, and it disturbed me, it still was all right. Actually it seemed unreal to me, i mean he’s freshman in high school, and i think a guys mind wouldn’t be wrapped around one woman, who’s icky like thirty. I think he’d be with more people than just lori. But his friend honey was annoying, and it was her fault he fell for someone else cause she never spoke up, and his personal life wasn’t her buisness, though it was nasty. And i have to agree there needs to be a sequal, you know the after affect, or just how honey survies after everything in her life, took a u-turn. a big u-turn

  6. this is one of my favorite books read it in 5 hours!! im only thirteen but it was awsome couldnt put it down but i was sad bcuz i wanted honey n ryan to b together n ryan to see lori for wat she truly was!!

  7. i have read all her books i spent my whole summer traking down all her books so i can read it.and when i found out she she wrote another book i had to read it so i went to my school library and i was saddly informd that the book had to be take off the shelfs because what it was about so i spend a week waiting for the public library to get a was a great book! i never read before i stated reading lurlene mcdaniel books so far i have read every book and sometime reread them i love them so can ask for more in a book it has everything!

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