Booktalk: Under a War-Torn Sky by L.M. Elliott

Burning planes, attack dogs, Nazi torture, broken limbs, secret codes, being smuggled across borders, ambushes, and more dead bodies than he could count. These were the daily occurrences of Henry’s life. It didn’t used to be that way. Henry grew up on a farm in Virginia where the toughest challenge was getting along with his father. But then Henry joined the army and was sent overseas to be a fighter pilot.

The day of Henry’s 15th mission he was nervous and superstitious. They said that the 15th mission was the make-or-break one. If he survived it, chances were good that he’d make it home alive.Almost immediately, things get rough as his squadron is heavily bombed by enemy planes. Although he’s a good pilot, there’s just too many of them and Henry’s plane takes a hit. Henry parachutes out of the burning plane and crashes into the ground. From that moment on Henry has just one goal — to make it back to England alive. On his journey through enemy country, he relies on the French Resistance for help.

They never told him very much. Just enough to get to the next point where some mysterious figure would pick him and give him his next instructions. The Resistance operated that way on purpose; if Henry were captured and tortured they wouldn’t be able to get much information out of him.

Henry’s grueling struggle to survive is the intense, graphic, and gripping story of a boy who wants nothing more than to get home.


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