Snakehead by Anthony Horowitz

snakehead.jpgThis is the latest Alex Rider novel and just as thrilling and fast paced as the others. In case you haven’t read them Alex Rider is a 14 year old spy who works for MI6. His dad was a spy, as was his uncle. His uncle raised him when his parents were killed and then when his uncle was killed a young woman became his guardian/housekeeper. Alex is always outfitted with crazy gadgets cooked up by the affable MI6 inventor. In recent adventures Alex has been farmed out to the CIA and this latest finds the Australians using him. I suppose the fact that he manages to outwit super evil geniuses and elude death is unbelievable, but I happily suspend my disbelief to believe that sure, why wouldn’t Alex manage to escape a fight to the death match in a rundown warehouse in Hong Kong?

I’m not even going to recap the plot because really, it’s not about the plot. As always, Alex is up against some super bad guys who want to do outrageously horrible things to the world. Horowitz always manages to come up with some great weirdo characters and this time it’s Winston Yu- an Asian man who is obssessed with all thing British.

Looking for something fun and fast and MacGyver-y? Try Alex Rider!


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