What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

girlfriend.jpgI love Sonya Sones’s work and was shocked I didn’t even know this was coming out and had to just come across it on the shelf! Well, no matter, because I got it into my hands and quickly read it up (is it wrong that one of the things I like about her books is how quick they are to read? it also helped that I had a hair appointment last night and lots of time to read).

Like her other books this one is also in poetry form. I think she is a master at making this form suit her story and be able to convey so much of the characters, as well as the unfolding of the story. I checked this out without even reading what it was about and it’s been quite a while since I read or booktalked What My Mother Doesn’t Know and thus it took me a while to realize that this is a sequel! Yep, this is the story of Sophie and Robin (Murphy), who get together at the end of What My Mother.. It’s definitely a stand alone book because this was from Robin’s point of view and such a separate story.

Robin is head over heels for Sophie, a kindred spirit who loves drawing as much as he does. They’ve gotten together over vacation and he is sure that when they return to school it will be all over. You see, he is an utter reject at school. So much so that his name, Murphy, has become a synonym for someone who is an idiot or loser.  Happily Sophie is made of strong stuff and her feelings for Robin are strong too. So much so that she stays with him, losing her two best friends and subjecting herself to ridicule. I have to say that these kids go to the world’s worst high school. The students there are abominably cruel. Just awful.  And while the art teacher is the requisite understanding sensitive adult figure (I don’t mean that to sound as bad as it does-he was a wonderful character and I’d love him to be my teacher), I was so angry that no other adults in the school were noticing what was going on. Seriously, I kept thinking “this is the kind of school where someone is going to commit suicide because other students were so awful to some poor kid and they did nothing to stop it.” I always feel that when I get that heated up about people and have to step back and say “they are made up. it’s fiction”, that the writing must be very good to evoke such an emotional reaction.

Anyway, I really liked how funny and smart Robin and Sophie were, how they explored their sexual feelings for each other, and how they coped at school. But what I really liked best about this book was the parts where Robin gets to audit a college class.  Outside of his high school he meets people who don’t know the baggage associated with him. Who don’t think he’s a loser. Who think he is just a funny talented artist.  I hope that every high school kid who feels like he or she doesn’t fit in reads this and realizes that after high school you get a new start, with new people, where you can be yourself and be appreciated for it.  That’s a powerful message and while I liked the romance of this story, that message is what rings truest and most loudly to me.


12 thoughts on “What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones

  1. i have not read this book yet and im begging my teacher to get it in our school (serisouly i was on my ands and knees begging) lol. im really excited to read this book. do you no any where on line that i can get to read a little bit of it?

  2. Hi, I just discovered this blog. We seem to share similar tastes in reading. Except I worship Robert Cormier most of all.

    Unfortunately the way the kids behaved towards Sophie and Robin — and the way the teachers mostly ignored it — was entirely realistic to me. I was bullied so severely in junior high that I actually tried to commit suicide. I ended up dropping out of school at the end of the eighth grade and never coming back.

  3. Hi Meaghan, Your story breaks my heart. I wish more people understood the impact their words can have on others. I’m almost 36 years old and still upset about being called fat on the school bus.

  4. This book is terrificaly entertaining, and cold hearted all together. From reading the comments above, I was astonished with the outcome words can have on so many people’s lives. It’s devistating and horrific that even fiction can be nonfiction. I am 13 years old and I have been bullied as well because I am rather skinny. Overcome the obstacles and always know; You are the bigger person.

  5. I am searching so much to try and find if theres a thrif book. After reading about Robin and Sophie, i’v been going crazy! THESE BOOKS ARE SO GREAT I HATED HOW IT ENDED!

    PLEASE HELP ME! and any other books that are by her that are really good, but especailly if you know about the third book!


  6. I just finished reading “One of those hideous books where the mother dies” it was soooo heart-breaking, and sweet. And, i was just searching online loookin at Sonya sones books, and i came upon this blog. it is really sad and horrific how people just dont care about others feelings, i too was bullied, and i was only 10 at that time, ill never forget those days when i came home, crying, locking myself up in my room, and just ignoring the world for as long as i needed. 😐

  7. O my g! i love this book! I read it in my schools libary and im praying sonya makes another one! Im in middle school, but this book was pretty much perfect! I love this book. If you havent read this book, i sugest you start with the first one What my mother doesnt know and then read this one, so you know the characters. This series is probably my favorite series so far. Hopefully Sonya keeps writing more, i’m so in to it, it only takes me at least 2 hours to read that book! 🙂

  8. I chose this series to do a scool report on this. I really hope that if anyone didnt read this? i hope you really do! 🙂 READ IT~ ❤

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