Reading Resolutions

Here it is December 31st, the time of year for resolutions. As I have a big basket full of unread books (Three Junes (for bookclub), Undercover (halfway through), Hallowmere, While i Lived (a new John Marsen!! I was beside myself when I saw it), Three Dog Life, What My Girlfriend Doesn’t Know ( I adore Sonya Sones), Choices (Vicky assures me it’s great), Right Behind You (suspenseful scary Gail Giles), Book of a Thousand Days (Shannon Hale-can’t go wrong there), A Non-Blonde Cheerleader in Love (I liked the first book), and the new Eloisa James (I only got one chapter in to the Christmas Eloisa James so I’ll save it for next year), and let’s not even talk about the prepubs, including the new Meg Rosoff) I think my resolution is to read more. There are so many books I want to read and I’m just not making the time for them that I should. On top of the big basket of books I’ve sent my husband off to work with a list of even more to get (Luxe--gorgeous cover!, The Sweet Far Thing--I missed it when it came out a couple months ago), and he just brought home the new Tom Perrotta.  As you can see I have an abundance of great fiction on hand and pretty soon I’ll have even more (the ALA Midwinter conference is in just a couple of weeks–I’m bound to come home with an armful of books.)

So, I hereby vow to take time to read more and watch less tv.  My husband and I have also resolved to set aside one night a week to get back to doing something we love-playing games, especially Scrabble.

Happy New Year!

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