Lottery by Patricia Wood

lottery.jpgThis is such a feel good book there’s no way it can’t be made into a made-for-tv movie. The premise is that a not retarded (by one point as Perry, the main character, is quick to tell you) man wins twelve million dollars in the state lottery. He has horrible family members who’ve never wanted anything to do with him and blatantly deceive him and take advantage of him (getting him to sign a Power of Attorney so they can sell his house out from under him). They are money grubbing embezzlers who are beyond excited when they find out Perry is wealthy. And thus begin their attempts to get all the money for themselves. In the meantime, Perry has created a real family about him comprised of Cherry, the cashier at the mini-mart where he bought the ticket, Gary longtime employer and friend, and Keith, drunken slob/Vietnam vet, who is the truest friend anyone could ever ask for.

I really enjoyed this. It was a quick read and, as I said, a very feel good story. I can’t believe that people really exist like Perry’s awful family, but perhaps they do. If you are looking for a nice story to cozy up to this winter with a cup of tea, I’d recommend this.


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