Clark’s Christmas Books

‘Tis the season for Christmas reading. Hard to believe this will be Clark’s third Christmas already. And although this is the first Christmas where he sort of gets what is happening, every December I’ve bought him a Christmas book and read it many times beforehand. christmice.jpgChristmas Mice was last year’s book and and we are still reading it and loving it. As I’ve mentioned on the Clark’s Favorites page, I like Richard Scarry illustrations very much. This short story is very sweet and shows two little mice checking out everything Santa has brought one incredibly lucky family (“and a real live puppy for the whole family!”). At the end the little mice receive a big piece of cheese. Decorations, a tree, presents-the basics are there and just right for babies and toddlers. It’s my favorite of his Christmas stories.

For his first Christmas I got him Pat the Christmas Bunny, and I have to say it’s weird and the illustrations are pretty awful. I thought it would be a sentimental book to get for him, but it really ended up just being kind of lame.

This year he got Biscuit’s Christmas and Merry Christmas, Mouse! biscuit.jpgThe Biscuit book is scratch and sniff and though he loved Biscuit’s Easter, he hasn’t really gotten into this. On the other hand he loves his new mousexmas.jpgMouse book. Mouse counts 1 to 10 as he decorates his tree. Favorite page? Seven robots. Very simple, very cute.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention his lovely Christmas books from Mary Lynn–Twas the Night Before Christmas and Frosty the Snowman. Both reissues of books from when we were little. He is particularly enamored of the Frosty book.

I’m looking forward to when he’s much older and can enjoy the collection of other Christmas picture books I have (The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, for example.) But for now these are charming and getting him excited for Christmas. Hooray!

I love Christmas reading myself, so look for a post in the next three days on the new Eloisa James Christmas Regency romance!


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