Ant Farm by Simon Rich

anbtfarm.jpgMy husband brought this home yesterday and it was a joy to read something in just half an hour. It turns out we had heard an interview with this guy on NPR a few days ago, and it seems he’s getting a lot of press. Well deserved I say! It only took a half hour to read, but I laughed the whole time. This book is composed of vignettes? jokes? I’m not really sure what to call them. Two page scenarios/dialogues that are just absolutely hilarious. Examples: second graders figuring out that their teacher’s “Silent Game” is a hoax; murderers who found salvation meeting their victims in heaven; how I imagine the army is based on commercials.

Super fun and I’m going to suggest it as a stocking stuffer or Christmas present for any hard to buy for person on your list this year. I guarantee you’ll spend Christmas morning laughing aloud and sharing your favorite ones (Let’s call this the David Sedaris syndrome–who doesn’t love sharing the story of Gloria the Christmas Whore with their loved ones on Christmas morning? I know my family does!)


2 thoughts on “Ant Farm by Simon Rich

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