Lost in Austen by Emma Campbell Webster

austen.jpgRemember those Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books from the 80s? I remember reading them and also shelving endless copies of the red and white books. I never liked them very much as I seemed to always make the wrong choice and always ended up getting killed or lost. That premise is carried out in Lost in Austen, a “Create Your Own Jane Austen Adventure.” The idea is to end your story with a good marriage, ensuring a comfortable life for both you and your sisters. In the story you are Elizabeth Bennett and you meet Mr. Darcy, just like in Pride and Prejudice. However, the choices you make may lead you into other Austen stories (which I did not recognize having never actually read them (gasp!) ).

The author’s voice is hilarious. So funny and stern. Apparently I still do not choose well because I tried the story twice and the first time became disfigured, thus ruining any chance of an advantageous marriage, and the second time I ended up a prisoner of Fannie Price. I suspect this book would be funny even if you read it straight through, but it really is great fun to play the game. There are infinite variations so this could last you quite a while!


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