Choices by Deborah Lynn Jacobs

choices.jpgI love the thought that every choice we make sends our lives in a certain direction. With little choices it’s not so easy to imagine, but I’ve often wondered how my life would be different if I’d chosen a different college to go to. Just think-I’d have had different friends, maybe would have settled someplace else, might have married someone else, you never know. At first it’s fun to think about, but then I get sort of freaked out at the thought of not having the people and events in my life that I do have/have had. Instead “I wonder what that would be like” it becomes “there but for the grace of God”! (I usually hit that turning point when I realize I may not have met my husband.)

Choices is all about this concept. Kathleen’s brother is killed in a car accident on New Year’s Eve and she thinks it’s all her fault: if she knew how to drive he wouldn’t have had to come pick her up at the party where she was stranded. If she hadn’t gone to the party in the first place this never would have happened. From that moment on strange things start happening. She wakes up has two memories of the day before. She realizes that with every decision she makes her world branches into two new universes-one where she made one choice, one where she made another. Once she figures that out she becomes convinced that somewhere there is a world where she didn’t go to the party and her brother is still alive and she must find it.

My friend Vicky recommended this telling me it was like “candy”. In a way it was. It was a great concept and really thought provoking, but it wasn’t difficult. It was an easy-to-read-can’t-stop-reading-it type of book. I’d recommend it to teens who aren’t crazy about reading, as well as those who are. And I can’t wait to go back and read the author’s first book!


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