The Rules of Gentility by Janet Mullany

gentility.jpgThanks, ML, for letting me know about this new romance! I adore Regencies, especially the ones by Eloisa James and Mary Balogh, as does my friend ML. This one, though it has a very old fashioned cover, has a decidedly modern sensibility to it. I noted that on the cover some reviewer described it as a cross between Jane Austen and Bridget Jones’s Diary and I’ll just have to use that description because it is completely apt.

In somewhat typical Regency fashion a young lady enters into a false engagement with a rake, intending it to suit both their purposes (saves her from a worse engagement, he comes into an inheritance) and then break the engagement at the end of the Season. Of course they fall in love but have all manner of misunderstandings and hijinx until all ends well. What makes this book so fun is Philomena’s ditzy, good natured, naive self. This character really does have the same “voice” as Bridget Jones. Her modern love of shopping is transferred to Regency bonnets and trims and her discovery of lust is hilarious and not at all typical for a Regency (the tone, not the lust itself.) I think my favorite line is when she says something about ladies discussing bedroom activities and how it is never done except at tea, an exhibit, alone in chambers, and lists about a million other places and times leading one to the conclusion that Sex in the City began in 1800s London.

A super read.


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