The Four Dorothys by Paul Ruditis

dorothy.jpgI believe I read about this book on my friend Amy’s blog and commented that the author sounds like he has a case of wanting to be like the actor Paul Rudd. When I saw this at the library the other day I thought I’d give it a try.

I really enjoyed this as a funny YA book and something a little different. Because it was set in an expensive Malibu private school where all the kids have Hollywood aspirations and connections I did draw some similarities between it and Secrets of My Hollywood Life, but I don’t really think they’re that alike.

Drama is huge at this high school and this year, due to the need to only have one performance of the spring musical, four separate Dorothys have been cast. Everyone is dying for the spotlight, some more than others it would seem when unfortunate things begin happening to the Dorothys. Bryan is cast as the Scarecrow and is best friends with one of the Dorothys, who he believes is being framed for the bad things happening. Will the show be saved? Can it possibly go on?

This was a quick and light read, very funny, and just enjoyable as a good story. I just checked amazon and see that there is a sequel out and, like every other author these days it seems, is planned as a series since the title is apparently officially The Four Dorothys (Drama!) and the new book is Everyone’s a Critic (Drama!). What else did I notice when I just checked amazon? The Booklist review lists the main character as “Brian.” His name is actually “Bryan” and he makes a big deal in the book about how annoyed he is when people try to “correct” the spelling of his name. Did the reviewer not get that??


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