Half-Read, Abandoned, Put Down-What I’ve not been reading

It’s been quite a while since I posted, as it’s been a while since I finished anything.  I’m in an awful state of not finishing things, getting distracted, and picking up things only to put them down and pick up other things.

  • I think I’m going to say that Bad Kitty is going to be unfinished.
  • I’m sporadically reading Buy, Buy, Baby, which is a fascinating non-fiction book about marketing and merchandising to babies and very young children.  I am alternately pleased with myself and my husband for our two year old’s apparently unusual lack of character recognition, and then distressed at how much he loves watching Maisy on tv.   I am looking forward to finishing it and writing about it, and thus the overdue fines continue to accrue.
  • I do have a Judy Blume essay book to write about when I get a chance.
  • I’ve also been reading a hypnobirthing book, which, while interesting to me, is basically homework and not really something to review.
  • I started Love, Stargirl days ago and can’t believe I haven’t finished it yet.  Partly I’ve been distractable, but also I think I’m a wee bit disappointed already.  Stargirl blew me away when it came out and so, not surprisingly, this sequel is just not living up to the original for me.  So far it’s still excellent Spinelli writing, it’s just having the impact on me the first book did.  So….hopefully I’ll be back on track in a few days!

P.S.  I get more hits in a day for some variation of the search phrase “what is the name of the football team in pants on fire” than anything else.  This is puzzling to me.  First of all, it’s a critical part of the story, so how could you forget it? It’s not just the football team, it’s the pageant and a way of life.  So, the name of the football team in Meg Cabot’s Pants on Fire is the Quahogs.  Secondly, as a librarian it really intrigues me to see the searches people do.  I would never Google that phrase.  Nor any phrase saying “how many pages in” or “name of character in”.  I’d go straight to Amazon.com and read a book review of the title or look at the summary information or bibliographic information.  And that’s my helpful tip for the day.  Ditto recipe searches–try a recipe website before a general google search.


2 thoughts on “Half-Read, Abandoned, Put Down-What I’ve not been reading

  1. Yes – I’m glad you said that about Bad Kitty. It killed me to give it a bad review for one of the journals, because she uses beautiful language in her adult books!

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