The Titan’s Curse

This is the third book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and apparently I missed #2 (The Sea of Monsters.) No matter, I still liked this one and even though I didn’t know what exactly happened in the second, it wasn’t hard to figure out how it was affecting the characters and plot of this third book. In fact, I really don’t even remember what happened in the first, just that Percy is a son of Poseidon and lives at Camp Half-Breed with other children born to mortals and gods & goddesses.percy.jpg

You know what I like about these books? That they are bringing the exciting, violent, dramatic stories of Greek mythology alive to today’s readers. The things those gods got up to on Mount Olympus were fairly wild, but I feel like once kids do a unit on them in school, they don’t really think of them ever again. It’s fun to see the gods personified in the 21st century, and also how the kids combine their two lives.

In this installment Percy goes on a quest with other campers, as well as Hunters–the handmaidens to Athena, Goddess of the Hunt. They are off to save Athena, as well as Percy’s friend Annabeth. On their quest they are hunted by a deadly skeleton army, haunted by a dreadful prophecy, and tormented by the thought of the outcome of the quest. Their fears are well worth having since they must face the General of the Titans himself, an evil and powerful god who wants to overtake the gods of Olympus. A very satisfying story with a big set up for book #4.


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