On Vacation Reading

We just got back from our vacation a few days ago. And while it is true that I finished the new Jasper Fforde book, that was it. Nothing else but one chapter of a romance novel. When I think of the vacations I had growing up I always think about reading. My family usually vacationed in the 1000 Islands, about a 7 hour drive away. And once we got there we houseboated for a week, which means no radio, tv, etc. Just long days filled with swimming, reading, and Scrabble. Before our trip my mom and I would go to the library to get our vacation books and we’d each leave with about a dozen. I could usually read at least one book, sometimes two on the drive up. Then I’d read about a book a day. It was the most idyllic vacation imaginable. When preparing for our trip this summer to Ohio I found myself wondering if even two books would be overkill. Sure, we had a 9 hour drive ahead of us, but with a two year old in the car we’d just be trying to keep him happy. Once we got there we stayed with friends and, again, the kids really cut into the lazy reading. It was still grand fun, I did finish First Among Sequels, and you know what? The car ride wasn’t even that bad.


One thought on “On Vacation Reading

  1. I love reading on my vacay! A friend of mine recommended Fforde’s books and sent me 3 of them–I read them back to back and was tired…so perhaps I need to read something else in between! 🙂

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