Secrets of My Hollywood Life: On Location

This sequel to Secrets of My Hollywood Life was just as funny and chock full of inside Hollywood info as the first book. It picks up mere weeks after the first ended, too, with teen star Kaitlin Burke about to begin filming a movie with a Steven Spielberg caliber director and happily dating Austin, a non-actor. secrestshollywood2.jpgUnfortunately for Kaitlin her new co-star, Drew, is a dreadful Hollywood type heartthrob she briefly dated before being cheated on and dumped. Her other co-star is none other than her old nemesis, Sky MacKenzie. To make matters worse, the woman in charge of marketing has a publicity plan that includes making people believe Drew and Kaitlin are dating. Therefore, no bringing Austin to events and lots of time with obnoxious Drew. Like the last book Kaitlin finds herself the victim of terrible publicity due to Sky’s scheming. Part of me read this and is even more disbelieving now of gossipy stories in Us Weekly and such. Another part of me thought the scheming and people’s gullibility was just too much, especially Hutch, the director, being such a jerk. I did really enjoy the supporting characters-best friend Liz and personal assistant Nadine. And it was completely fascinating (and a little horrifying) to see how a 16 year old had an entourage of people whose jobs and lives were committed to making her famous and keeping her in the spotlight. Makes me think I really should get around to watching Entourage. I can’t wait to read more about Kaitlin’s fabulous life, and apparently the next book will be out in spring 2008.


10 thoughts on “Secrets of My Hollywood Life: On Location

  1. Have you read THE CHICKEN DANCE by Jacques Couvillon? I started it and it is just slightly hilarious. YA novel. The author is coming to the 2008 Arkansas Literary Festival….

  2. I really loved it. It was AMAZING. Hopefully the other one will be too :3 *FINGERS CROSSED*

  3. The most amazing book I ever read. It really explains to you how a true Hollywood actress’s life is, such as Kaitlin Burke. I recommend the third one!

  4. I extremely love this book. I just wished that there were guys like Austin in real life, Hot, but caring ,sweet, thoughtful, loving and smart. He likes everything you could want in a guy but with more details about him.

  5. i have a project do on this book due on thursday & it’s monday & i still havn’t read it!! =/ omg can some one please help me !!

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