The Christopher Killer by Alane Ferguson

What a super mystery! These are the kinds of mysteries I like to read-YA and short. Because it deals with forensics and autopsies (at least in the beginning) this is not a book to read while eating.


Cameryn, 17, knows she wants to go into forensics and persuades her dad, the local coroner, to let her be his assistant. When he brings her to her first death scene the description of the body is revolting. She sticks with it, though, and comes along to the next death, which is a homicide. Sadly, it is the body of a girl she knows and it appears to be the work of a serial killer. Cameryn is determined to seek justice for the girl by finding the killer before he can strike again. This is a good tense mystery and one of the nice things about the story is the conflict Cameryn feels between the facts and science of forensics, her spiritual Catholic side, and her hesitantly growing belief in a psychic. There is a slight sub-plot about her long lost mother, which I didn’t really feel added anything to the novel at all. However, since I see that there are future Cameryn stories, perhaps that will play into those plots a bit more.

p.s. (a few days later) I can’t believe I forgot to mention that a character is named Rachel Geller. Every time she was mentioned I thought Rachel Green + Monica Geller? Did this person’s name come from Friends?


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