What I’ll be reading tomorrow (7/21/07)…

There is a lot anticipation in this house right now Harry Potter’s arrival tomorrow.  My husband and I were compelled to pre-order two copies so that we can each begin reading right away.  We don’t want to rush the reading but wonder how long we’ll be able to go without someone spoiling the ending for us.  That said, though I often give away endings and important plot points on this blog, I will make a point of not doing so for HP.  I’d hate to inadvertently ruin it for one of my literally tens of readers.  So today my son’s naptime is not being spent (as usual) with me relaxing with a book, but instead doing some housework type stuff. No point starting a book today unless I know I’ll finish it by mail time tomorrow!

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One thought on “What I’ll be reading tomorrow (7/21/07)…

  1. Sarah–you’re welcome for the link. I enjoy your blog. What a huge compliment that you thought I was a librarian!!! Thanks. I’m just a reader. Speaking of Harry Potter, a local tv station visited my non-profit to interview our director about if/how HP has affected literacy. At a . I’m not convinced it has permanently increased literacy rates but it sure has shaken up a lot of people and encouraged lots of people, kids and adults, to read…

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