Born to Rock by Gordon Korman

I typically like Korman’s easy, funny style, and this book is no exception. Not as great as Son of the Mob (which I thought was a stellar example of a funny book that is well written and has some deeper themes to it than humor books generally do), but still enjoyable. bornrock.jpgBasically, Leo, a Young Republican on the brink of attending Harvard, discovers that his biological father is a legendary punk musician, King Maggot. Having not realized his dad is not his biological dad this is a double whammy of unwelcome news. It turns out he’s the product of a drug-induced one night stand. Although the news is unwelcome Leo sees this as an opportunity-he needs $40,000 for his first year of tuition and King surely has that. He brings himself to King’s attention and agrees to go on tour with him for the summer in an effort to get to know him (before he hits him up for the money.) Leo’s perspective of the punk rock scene is very funny, as are the not-glamorous details of being a roadie. I especially liked the ending-which wraps up in all of 3 pages. A very quick read, I would have actually liked it fleshed out a bit more, and overall good.


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