Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita

This was a fantastic and fast read; I absolutely loved it. Nothing too new or ground breaking here, but nicely written, fast moving, great characters, and lots of inside dish on Hollywood that was much more appealing to me than designer name dropping in Gossip Girls. secretshollywood.jpgThe basic premise is that Kaitlin Burke is a hot Hollywood teen star, famous for being in a weekly soap. She is living the life we read about in magazines (not surprisingly-the author is an editor at Teen People and has been a writer for Entertainment Weekly and Marie Claire) and there are plenty of details about awards shows, premieres and after parties, seemingly unlimited money, designer clothes, etc. Kaitlin is stressed out though, and wants to experience normal life. She hatches a plan with her “normal” friend (her lawyer’s daughter, Liz) to attend Liz’s school in disguise. Juggling school, a secret identity, tabloid rumors started by her back stabbing co-stair, and press responsibilities (attending a “Beauty Buffet” is mandatory) is a challenge, but she loves it. She makes new friends and, of course, falls for a boy. The problem with this set up, in both books and movies, is that you basically know how it will end. The person the celeb-in-disguise has become closest to (in this case cute boy Austin) will find out in a public and awkward moment the truth and feel betrayed and run off, leaving the celeb with a publicity nightmare and a broken heart. But then of course there will be some mandatory “I’m just a girl asking a boy” type stuff and they’ll get together and all will be happy. But you know what? Knowing that was coming did not diminish the pleasure of reading about it. I really enjoyed this and would recommend it to so many teens. One other interesting thing about this book is the lack of a flashy cover. It actually really stands out in that it doesn’t have at all the sort of cover you’d expect.

WHAT?! I just looked on amazon while I uploaded the cover image and see that I am so behind the times in getting around to reading this book that there is a sequel out! Well, I will have to immediately put that on my list and get that next. It’s kind of nice when that happens, isn’t it?

14 thoughts on “Secrets of My Hollywood Life by Jen Calonita

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  3. It looks like a great book — i just bought it today at my school’s bookfair 🙂 can’t wait to read it!

    mhm, lol. I barely found out just now that there was a sequel to it. I wrote the names of the books in hopes of getting my hands on it soon 🙂

  4. i was planning on buying twilight but it was already sold out i had to buy this one and i was entertained more than i thought

  5. i was not planning on reading this book but my friend told me this was an awsome book and that i just had to read it. i really ended up liking the book a lot.

  6. i have read the first 2 books and looved the family affairs one out yet?cuz i cant wait to get my hands on it.i hope Jen Calonita writes another book in this series

  7. These books are amazing! They make you feel like you are right there watching Kaitlin Burke go through her Hollywood life. To Jen Calonita, if you ever read this, your books are at the top of my favorites list! They are so well written! You have a very good talent for writing! Keep it up, write lots more books! Many people will be entertained by them! I sure was! I can’t wait to read Broadway lights in May of 2010!!! – Ur biggest fan EVA, Ciera!!!

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