What to read next?

I was just updating my “To Be Read” list and thinking about the fact that friends will ask me from time to time where I get the titles I want to read, or how to find a good book. Since I don’t work in a library any more I don’t really browse new books as they come in, nor do I keep up with reading book reviews. However, it seems I always have specific titles in mind. Sometimes I do read about a book in Entertainment Weekly or Marie Claire, sometimes I pick up authors and titles from online book discussions (yalsa-bk), I did get lots of book ideas from attending ALA, I do look at my emails from amazon.co.uk (I went through a phase of buying paperback romances from there, also when I had to have the newest Marian Keyes before it came out here), and I also look at the YALSA booklists: BBYA, Quick Picks, Popular Paperbacks, and the Nominations for the Teens’ Top Ten. It’s a good way to catch up on YA books I may have missed.

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