Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

I happened upon this at the booth for the Romance Writers of America. Ms. Scott was signing copies of her new YA romance so I eagerly accepted a copy and read it on the plane on the way home this morning. Lauren should be happy with her perfect boyfriend, bloom.jpgDave, but she’s not. She’s not sure why, it’s just that there is really no spark or passion. But she knows she’s lucky to have him and just in case she should forget, there always seem to be plenty of people around to remind her. Enter Evan. He’s the son of one of her dad’s many former girlfriends. He lived with her and her dad when they were both little and they were very close. Unfortunately they moved away and she hasn’t seen or talked to him in many years. When she runs into him at school she’s shocked for many reasons, among them the spark she feels between them. I thought this was a great story, and thought the angle about how they knew each other was refreshingly unusual. The cover art is sure to attract teen girls, too. Overall it somewhat reminded me of Sarah Dessen, though a bit lighter and shorter. A nice quick romance.

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