The Long Way Home, Pt. 4 (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) by Joss Whedon

I eagerly, eagerly awaited this next installment of Joss’s “season 8” of Buffy. As I’ve said for Pt. 3, my main complaint is that I read it in about 5 minutes and now I have to wait until August to read the next installment. I feel like it will take an entire year to read what would be one or two episodes on tv.

That said, the action picked right up and continued right through to the next cliff-hanger. Still too much Dawn for me (in that she exists, and I don’t care that she is a giant), and overall it was a little hard to follow some things. Mostly because of the time between issues, but also because of references to things long ago on the tv show. Skinless Andrew is a pretty awesome enemy, if disgusting to look at, I just wish Amy wasn’t his ally. I continue to like Xander in his new role and the tight bond between Buffy and Willow. One quibble–apparently Willow is getting lobotomized and having her eyeball sliced, yet when Buffy rescues her there is no blood and her body is intact. What gives??? In this arc Buffy’s enemy is the military (utilizing Amy and Andrew), which I find delightfully believable. The letters at the end leave us with the news that the next issue will have Faith in it-good thing or bad thing? I can’t quite decide.


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