The Little Lady Agency by Hester Browne

Somehow I missed hearing about this book when it came out, so thanks to Amy for the recommendation. Add this to the list of charming British books I like. I finished this yesterday and am already looking forward to the sequel, Little Lady Big Apple.

Melissa Romney-Jones has lost her job yet again, but finds the perfect career for herself in starting an agency that provides the entirely non-sexual services of a girlfriend/wife/nanny for men. As her alter ego, Honey, Melissa whips bachelor’s wardrobes into shape, is the perfect date for office parties, and more. I really loved Honey, especially everything she wears (garters, smart wool suits, stiletto heels, corsets, etc.), which is lavishly described here. Honey hearkens back to an era of glamorous women who always know the right thing to say or do. Despite this success, Melissa’s family life threatens her happiness. Her father is an incredibly sleazy PM who practically blackmails her and her vague sister is exasperating beyond belief. My one gripe is that I think her father doesn’t get enough of a comeuppance at the end. And while I know that the wimpiness Melissa displays as Melissa as contrasted to the confidence of Honey is an essential part of the story, it was frustrating to watch her family beat her down again and again.

Oh, and of course Honey falls for her favorite client, but isn’t sure if he really cares for Honey or if he could possibly care for Melissa.

I enjoyed this very much, especially the very British details, as well as Melissa’s flatmate, Nelson. I hope the sequel is as good as the first!


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