Past Perfect by Susan Isaacs

pastperfect.jpgA fun, light mystery type book. Susan Isaacs is always good for coming up with likable characters-women of a certain age who are realistic, not super skinny, entangled in mysteries. In this case it’s Katie, a woman who was fired from her mundane job at the CIA 15 years ago without any given reason. For years it’s eaten away at her, especially because it stigmatized her and she couldn’t get another job. Now a successful novelist and television writer of a spy show, with a happy family, she should be able to forget about the CIA, but can’t. Out of the blue an old CIA acquaintance calls, promising to Katie why she was fired if Katie helps her. The next day, though, that person has vanished. Katie reminds herself that her tv show is fiction and her own life is real and she may be in real danger, but it’s not enough to stop her from tracking down the former East Germans who might be the key to the answer. When she finds that two of the three are now dead, she knows she’s in real danger.

This was a nice summer read–a mystery with a little suspense and action, but really nothing too tense. I tend to forget about Susan Isaacs-she doesn’t churn out a book every single year-but in looking over what she’s written, I’ve read just about everything. After All These Years was the first of hers I read and remains my favorite.

**I’d love to link to her site so that you can read about After All These Years, but her site has expired! How does that happen? Seriously. I’m thinking her manager/agent is going to get in trouble over that.


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