The Spinster Sisters by Stacey Ballis

spinster-sisters.jpgThanks go to Melissa for putting this into my hands on Monday! Here it is Wednesday and I’m already done! (In pre-baby days, not a big feat, but my reading time is much slower nowadays.) What a charming, funny, nice read. I really enjoyed this (I feel very repetitive saying that over and over again, must come up with a new phrase), as I thought it had a clever plot and interesting details. Jill and Jodi are two sisters who’ve made a huge name and business/financial success for themselves as The Spinster Sisters. They have books, merchandising deals, and a satellite radio show. Women tune in to hear their advice on being strong and independent, dating as one chooses, and not feeling the need to settle down. Their personal and business lives are thrown into a bit of a tailspin when Jill announces her engagement. Suddenly they will no longer both be spinsters! Add to that Jodi’s ex-husband’s weaselly ways and a growing attraction to one of the men she dates, and trouble abounds. An interesting story line to be sure, but what I liked best about the novel were the details about the characters, in particular Jill and Jodi’s aunts Ruth and Shirley, two funky elderly spinsters in their own right. Also fascinating? How rich they were and all the lovely things they spent their money on. The description of Jill’s tasteful but extravagant bachelorette weekend was astonishing. I liked how the four women had so many traditions together, but were always open to new things.

My one peeve? The overuse of the word “organic.” I already dislike it when it’s used with regard to anything other than food, and here it was used so often I cannot believe the editor did not notice it.


3 thoughts on “The Spinster Sisters by Stacey Ballis

  1. When they gave 2 page long, perfectly coherent smooth speeches I thought it was terribly unrealistic. I kept thinking, “I couldn’t come up with a good response like that at the spur of the moment” and then I’d think “Wait, that character did not. That character had an author carefully writing and editing that speech.”

  2. Thanks for the kind words! As for the dialogue issues, I do try to keep things realistic. It was important to me that the characters be believable as people whose job it is to be coherant and articulate on the spur of the moment. I know that when I watch people speak live, people like Oprah, Barack Obama, Bill Maher, they can string their thoughts together with intelligence and humor and without difficulty because it is their job to do so. If the ladies had been running a boutique I probably would have had them fumble a bit more.

    And what can I say about the ‘organic’ issue, obviously I didn’t catch it and neither did my editors 🙂 Lord knows when you write nearly 100,000 words you might overuse one or two….

    So gratifying to have you out there reading, and putting stuff out there for others on this fab site. Keep up the great work!

    Stacey Ballis

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