On the Melendy Family and Posting Comments

One of the coolest things about a blog is that you can see how people come across your site, what search terms they have used to get there. I noticed today that someone used the phrase “Melendy Enright rush furnace.”  If you’ve read my post on The Saturdays you will know that indeed that book by Elizabeth Enright, about the Melendy family, features a chapter where Rush almost kills the family with coal gas by inadvertently opening up the furnace.  Now, I adore these books but have never really known anyone else who did. And to know that someone else out there not only apparently read them but also remembers the part about Rush and the furnace? Well, that is just too exciting.  I would have love love loved to have a comment from that reader so we could have a little chat. So please, leave comments, and if you are the Melendy seeker it’s not too late!


3 thoughts on “On the Melendy Family and Posting Comments

  1. I feel your pain! I find that there is hardly anyone who appears to have read the Melendy Quartet books and it drives me crazy! i have read them and Rush is without a doubt my favorite. I would love to chat with you about the coal gas incident. i happened to be reading that part tonight and i felt so bad for him! hooray for Isaac!

    • I am forever being disheartened by the fact that No One I Know, from any generation (I’ve asked young; I’ve asked old!), seems to have ever heard of Elizabeth Enright. I remember basically Every Detail from re-reading the Medlendy family series and the Gone- Away books (just found Thimble Summer at the local library and am starting on it 🙂 ) and have always wanted to chat on them.

      There are other books as well… even the well- known ones people don’t bring up as often as they should… Basil E. Frankweiler… Blue Willow… Number The Stars… Island of the Blue Dolphins… these books Defined my childhood. They were Life.

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