Recipes for a Perfect Marriage by Morag Prunty

mawwiage.jpgI really enjoyed this fairly quick read, despite not caring for the main character that much. Tressa is an Irish-American well known food writer who has just gotten married. Unfortunately she doesn’t like her husband that much and a month after getting married can’t quite believe she actually did it. Here’s where my dislike for her began. It just seemed so awful to me that she would marry someone she didn’t really love and then treat him somewhat shabbily! It seemed so cruel to put her husband through thinking he had a loving wife who wanted to marry him, when she simply didn’t at all. Grrr. Tressa has always held her grandparents’ marriage up as the ideal marriage-two people truly in love until death parts them. In alternating chapters we read not only about Tressa’s first year of marriage, but also the story of her grandparents’ marriage, which turns out to be not at all what Tressa had thought. First of all, it was somewhat arranged. Secondly, her grandmother did not love her grandfather. Their story, set in 1930s Ireland, was the more interesting one. In part, I suppose, because you know they are together until they eventually die and you know that they appeared truly in love to others, so you want to keep following their story to see how that comes about. The details of daily life in that time and place were interesting and charming. Recipes for traditional Irish fare are interspersed in different sections, and they are lovely to read. In fact, that is what caught my eye about this book because I’m a sucker for stories which happen to include recipes. The ending was a bit too tidy for me, but I’d recommend this to anyone who likes Irish authors (Marian Keyes!–if you haven’t read her run right out to your library and grab whatever you can-she’s great!).

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