Dark at the Roots by Sarah Thyre

dark-roots.jpgI’m afraid this is getting returned to the library unfinished. I really wanted to like this. I enjoy memoirs, it got good reviews, I thought I’d like it, but it’s not sustaining my interest. It may be that I find the character’s family too sad and trashy, or that it’s not living up to A Girl Named Zippy (my favorite memoir), or I may be too distracted by the other good books I have lying around. So, sorry, Dark at the Roots, you’re going back only a quarter read.

2 thoughts on “Dark at the Roots by Sarah Thyre

  1. Wow, harsh. To the best of my knowledge I try not to leave a book unfinished. Even if I have to really really struggle. Some say its not worth the time, but I feel if I have put in the effort, I should see it all the way through. I can’t recall the last book I deliberately didn’t finish

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